Your best toned athletic body workout program

As someone who is looking to lose weight it is important that you know the difference between an athletic body and a bodybuilder. Many people get discouraged from working out for weight loss because they think that they will be body building. It is true that there are different types of people in the gym; there are some who are there so that they can gain muscle and get ripped. This is not what you will be doing. Instead, you are looking to toned athletic body workout. You will do a completely different kind of workout and you will also eat a different diet from a body builder.

It is important that you focus on metabolism-boosting body weight exercises that can burn fat around the clock. You will be doing interval training which means that you do intense workouts for several minutes or even seconds and then rest for a few minutes before you repeat the workout. These exercises are the most effective at boosting metabolism so that your body can burn fat faster. If you do interval training the right way for about 20 minutes every day 3 times a week (with a day’s interval between each session) you will burn fat a lot faster and achieve your athletic goal. Other than interval training, there are 3 other ways that you can get a toned, athletic body.

•    Make sure to get some form of exercise every day. You should get in at least half an hour workout every day. Some people give up because it becomes boring. It doesn’t have to be for you. Come up with different exercises that keep things interesting.

•    Part of your exercise routine should include strength training. Part of having an athletic body is having strong looking muscles – not the body builder type, but just generally strong. Start with small weights and then as your muscles get stronger move on to heavier weights. Don’t rush things – if you lift a weight that is too heavy you will rip muscles and not be able to work out for some time.

•    Eating right is a crucial part of getting an athletic body. Make sure to eat lean meats, chicken and fish, healthy carbohydrates and lots of fruits and vegetables. Cut down on sugar – it is responsible for a lot of your fat and also avoid processed foods.

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Women should be extra careful about their workouts because they tend to gain weight faster and keep it on longer. There are many exercises that they can do but there are some that they can focus on if they want to look really fit.

1.    Push ups: these are to develop your chest and arms. Make sure that you use the correct technique.

2.    Inverted row: these are for your back, your butt and your biceps.

3.    Kettlebell swings: these are great for your butt, your back and your shoulders.

4.    Run: this is not running the way you know but rather sprinting. It will help all your lower body muscles.

5.    Squats: these are also for your lower body but if you include lifting weights you will strengthen your upper body.

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