Top 3 Mindset shift in achieving lasting weight loss

Losing weight is not easy; in fact most people who have tried to lose weight have failed. Most will go on a diet and do exercise but sooner or later they find that all the weight they managed to lose is back and sometimes even more. Weight loss is about more than just exercise and diet – your mind set will play a very big role in helping you lose weight. You see, many people who have problems with weight loss fail because of their attitude towards the whole thing. If you want a slimmer you it is important that you have a mindset shift in weight loss.

The first thing that you need to know is that the “longer the better” mindset will not work. Most people have been schooled to think that if they exercise for longer they will lose weight. This is not the case. In fact, did you know that research from Berkley and Stanford universities revealed that habitual runners got fat with every passing year? The authors of the research paper, Paul Williams and Peter wood compared data from nearly 13,000 runners. They looked at how much they ran every year and how much weight they gained and they found out that they were indeed gaining weight from year to year. This led them to conclude that if you wanted to maintain your current weight you would have to add your running distance significantly if you wanted to maintain your weight.

A mindset shift in weight loss will help you become much healthier. The first thing you should do is eliminate fear. Many people who want to lose weight fear that they will not lose weight because they might eating the wrong things, that they are not sticking to their diet, fear that they don’t look good in their clothes – the fears are varied but they are not true. You need to liberate your mind from these fears by accepting that weight loss can be achieved without all these fears. Fear will affect your weight loss efforts the same way it would affect other areas of your life.

Another mind set that is not helpful when it comes to weight loss is that skinny is good. You should be looking for the best results for your body type and not aspiring to look like a model in a magazine. We all have different body types – it is possible that you cannot really be as thin as a model. What you should aim towards is a healthy body in terms of numbers such as BMI and high blood pressure. If you force yourself to become too thin you will be unhappy with all the sacrifice that you have to make to get there and worse yet, you may actually be harming your health.

Finally, approaching weight loss as a chore is not going to work for you. When most people think of weight loss it is about denying themselves their favourite foods and working out till you are bone tired. If you approach these things with enthusiasm you will find that you will have an easier time losing weight.

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