Best Tabata interval training workouts to lose weight and reduce belly fat fast

People gain weight for all sorts of reasons – we gain weight as we age, we get fat because we are not eating the right foods, it can be because of hormonal changes and it can even be because we are working out wrong. You will know that you are becoming overweight when your fitness levels drop and you start accumulating stubborn fat. It is important that you deal with weight gain immediately you notice that it is happening. One of the best ways to do this is through Tabata Interval Training to lose weight and reduce belly fat fast.

Tabata Interval Training is a kind of workout that requires you to do intense 4 minute workouts 5 days a week for 6 weeks. It works when it comes to fat burning because it is intense – intense interval training has been found to be the best way to lose weight. Tabata Interval Training was designed by Dr. Izumu Tabata and was published in the journal Medicine and Science in Sports and exercise. He found that by the end of the 6 weeks people had maximized their anaerobic energy supply and had an improved VO2 max.

You may be wondering whether this is different from high intensity workouts. Would it be effective, for instance, if you did 20-sec-work, 10-sec-rest workouts? The answer is that all high intensity training is effective; Dr. Tabata merely provides a format that has been scientifically proven to be effective. It works because it raises your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) which means that you are burning more body fat in a shorter time and the high-intensity levels of workout contribute to your body’s afterburn effect. You will also lose more weight than if you did a cardio workout.

You can use the Tabata Interval Training to reduce belly fat fast with a range of workouts. You can, for example, use it to do squats, tuck jumps, lunges, push ups, crunches and even running on the spot. The best way to do your workouts is to make sure that you mix them in such a way that your whole body is targeted – you should have exercises that will strengthen your upper body and torso and also your lower body including y6ou your back and your butt.

You can also do high intensity training for longer if you are up for it. You can start with a 3 minutes warm up session and then do 30 seconds of intense workout followed by 60 seconds at a moderate pace. Take 2 or 3 minutes to cool down and then repeat 10 times.

If you are not sure on how to set your own Tabata Interval Training Workouts to achieve the best results to lose weight and reduce belly fat, you may want to find out more by visiting this Bodyweight Burn Fat Loss System.

Don’t forget that diet is also very important if you want to lose weight. You should start eating fresh, healthy food preferably from the farmer’s market. Focus on lean meats as well as healthy carbohydrates. You should include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid processed foods and remove sugar from your diet if you want to see a change in your body.

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